Why investment in sludge dewatering purchasing is right and profitable?

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country. In the situation of the world economy being severely damaged by the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic. Vietnam, on the contrary, always has a positive GDP growth rate. However, the downsides of seemingly good things are always present.

Current situation

Economic development leads to rapid urbanization. Factories, industrial zones, apartment buildings, and urban areas are replacing villages and fields at breakneck speed. The volume of domestic wastewater and industrial sludge is always on red alert.

A centralized wastewater and industrial sludge treatment system

Therefore, waste treatment before being released into the environment is required. We cannot blindly trade the destruction of the environment for economic gain. Each factory, industrial park, and the residential area must be equipped with a wastewater and sludge treatment system to meet certain standards on environment. This should be seriously considered and invested.

High cost

However, another barrier to sludge treatment is the cost problem. Sludge is the result of a complex physicochemical cycle affecting wastewater. The main component of sludge is water, so sludge has a very large mass and volume. Factories and production plants that do not have, or are newly equipped with, low-performance sludge treatment systems will quickly become overwhelmed.

Therefore they have to knock on the door of third parties, to hire other environmental companies to help collect sludge. The cost of sludge collection and treatment is continuously increasing with no sign of stopping. For example, 1 ton of sewage sludge is temporarily calculated at 1.3 million VND (58 USD). So a medium-sized factory emits 150 m3  sludge/day and night will have to spend up to 200 million VND / day (8,800 USD) to move their huge volume of sludge. Multiplying the whole month will be a huge cost.

So How to save the above cost? A secret about profitable investment will be revealed below

To simplify the sludge treatment process, especially to reduce costs for businesses and save labor. The sludge presses were born. With their superior properties, it helps to solve the mentioned problems above. The sludge press can be understood simply as a filter tool, separating the water from the sludge, and concentrating the solids to the maximum extent. When the water is removed, the sludge decreases sharply in volume and mass. Reduce shipping costs.

The return on investment in machinery and turnaround for profit is certain. It's only a matter of time

If factories boldly invest in high-quality and modern sludge presses. The drier the pressed sludge is, the less water content, and the lower the volume of sludge. Finally, the processing cost can save 60-80% compared to using the traditional method.

Big question marks

We are pretty sure that you have clearly seen the positive side of investing in a sludge press purchasing. Objectively, Vietnamese sludge press market in the recent decade has been extremely exciting. With many domestic and foreign brands, bringing a variety of models and products.

So "What type of sludge press should be used? Or Which brand? What is the origin and quality of the product?"

What type of sludge press should buy to match with current economic conditions? Where to buy high-quality and affordable price sludge press?

This article will introduce to readers "Top 4 types of economic efficiency sludge presses".

The most prominent sludge presses on the market are screw presses, filter presses, belt presses, and decanter centrifuges. Depending on the production characteristics of each factory, the choice of machine will be different.

ARK Vietnam is proud to be a manufacturer and distributor of all types of sludge presses

The most popular types of sludge presses

  • Filter-press: It is the most popular and most common type of sludge press. It has the most accessible cost, pressed sludge is also extremely dry. The machine is suitable for most industries. Could solve the large volume of sludge, containing many chemicals and heavy metals. Such as plating, dyeing, tanning, paper industry, detergent production... The biggest limitation is that the machine operates in batches. It means that cannot run continuously and needs workers to unload dry sludge, manually.
  • Belt-press: Suitable for industries that discharge biological sludge which is not polluting the environment significantly, such as pig breeding, aquaculture - seafood... Completely different from screw presses. The belt press has an open structure, which cannot avoid the smell of sludge.

New technology machines

  • Screw press: is known as a specialized sludge press machine, often used in mining, mining, food, aquaculture, animal husbandry, vegetable oil processing, ... with not too large capacity. The feature of the machine is to use a screw to filter the suspended solids from the wastewater. Pressed into sludge with high dryness.
  • Decanter Centrifuge: It is the most modern machine today, possessing advanced technological achievements. Meet all types of sludge and overcome all disadvantages of the above three sludge presses. The machine works continuously. The sealed structure prevents odors, has easy control, fully automatic. Therefore the investment cost is also the highest.

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To suit economic conditions, which type of sludge press should be chosen?

With the above analysis, the customers must consider their economic viability, as well as their current production scale and expansion plan.

Filter-press and Belt-press

Filter-presses and Belt-presses are the two most accessible options. Meet the requirements of many businesses. These are two types of machines that have simple operating principles. That machines have been successfully assembled by many domestic manufacturers because of technology transfer. Therefore, machines "made in Vietnam" will have a better price than imported machines.

Moreover, the machine's components are also easy to replace, manufacture, lifespan is long. Stable, durable operation and low maintenance and repair costs.

An overseas enterprise orders two belt-presses of ARK Vietnam

Screw-press and Decanter centrifuge

However, these mentioned machines were invented a long time ago. With the development of modernity of production methods. Filter-press and Belt-press have revealed many limitations in daily operation. Such as open structure, causing an unpleasant odor when squeezing waste. The semi-automatic control system requires a lot of labor in unloading the plate frame. The machines are large and bulky, taking up a lot of space, and taking a lot of cleaning water.

Because of those changing requirements, screw presses and decanter centrifuge sludge dewatering machines were born. Two new machines replace traditional equipment.

The screw press and decanter centrifuge have sealed mechanisms to prevent odors. Automatic control, continuous work, no labor required to operate. Easy cleaning.

Invested in purchasing ARK's decanter centrifuge sludge press – The right choice of the Board of Directors of a factory in Bac Giang City

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Where to buy high-quality sludge presses at an affordable price?

Customers are confused between too many choices. If the question “What is an address to buy sludge presses?” is your worry, you can trust ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd – specializing in supplying, manufacturing, and distributing all kinds of sludge presses. The most reliable brand on the market today.

ARK Vietnam has a full range of models and types

From belt presses, screw presses to filter presses, decanter centrifuges with beautiful designs, and various capacity versions. Produced in Vietnam, based on the production line imported from South Korea. Affordable price but the quality is always guaranteed and high performance. With a team of skilled engineers, we will advise you on choosing a suitable machine.

When choosing ARK Vietnam, you will never be disappointed

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