ARK is the only company in Vietnam that repairs and replaces spare parts for sludge dewatering machine. The prestige is our top priority, with many years of research and development of sewage sludge treatment systems. We are confident to bring you the best sludge dewatering machine spare parts repair and replacement service, at reasonable prices.

Why should you care about repairing the sludge dewatering machine?

With the investment in a suitable sludge dewatering machien to serve the production and business activities of your individual or business. The repair and maintenance of the slurry press periodically and reasonably is necessary and important to prolong the life of the machine. Minimize unnecessary damage, maintain a stable load level of machinery.

The sludge dewatering machine is an essential equipment in the wastewater treatment process. When there is a breakdown, production enterprises and water treatment zones will be delayed, interrupted in production, and greatly damaged the interests of enterprises.

Some common problems

  • Machine is not working
  • Unsatisfactory sludge discharge
  • The meter does not display or indicates insufficient voltage
  • Loss of ability to adjust
  • Motor is not working properly
  • Extreme loud during machine's operation
  • The machine turns off when loading or there is a voltage drop
  • Overheat during operation

Contact to ARK Vietnam for timely advice when the initial problem is still simple, saving considerable costs.

Our company can repair all kinds of sludge dewatering machine on the market today.

For complicating problems, it needs to be handled quickly. Our company's technical team will come to your place to review the details. ARK offers the most optimal solution along with a specific service quote for customers.

The process of repairing sludge dewatering machine

  • Step 1: Receive information from customers, via Hotline or email. Send a team of skilled technicians to inspect the machine.
  • Step 2: Fully inspect the machine from the smallest details to make sure it's faulty before making repairs. Identify the exact problems, the spare parts that need to be replaced.
  • Step 3: conduct service quotes, the repair shalle be implemented under customer's allowance
  • Step 4: After the repair is complete, the technician will clean the entire machine without any extra cost, helping to maintain and improve the life of the machine.
  • Step 5: A test run shall be executed to see if the errors have been fixed after repair.
  • Step 6: In case the old problem repeats itself due to objective reasons within the warranty period, we will send a technician to check and fix it for free.

Select the best sludge dewatering repair unit

The century of technology, diverse services. You just need to search the information about repairing sludge machine on google.

However, in order to choose a company that gives you a reputable, fast, conscientious, knowledgeable, experienced service. You don't always make the right choice. ARK is the only unit in Vietnam with a manufacturing plant. Having the necessary equipment to repair and replace the spare parts quickly and in time.

Contact us with just one phone call. We'll be present at your business to rectify any problems. With many years of experience in the supply, production and installation of large projects. We are confident with our service and experience will make you the most satisfied.


Service price is always a factor to attract customers. However, due to the characteristics of products and services in the sludge treatment industry, the quotation for repair and replacement of the machine depends on several factors. Specifically:

  • Failure state of the machine
  • Type of machine
  • Year of fabrication
  • Time of repair
  • Location of repair

Service commitment

  • Fast - Efficient - Quality.
  • 24/7 consultation on all issues related to sludge dewatering machine.
  • No additional costs incurred.
  • Genuine parts, Korean quality, made in Vietnam.
  • Spare parts is warranted.
  • Customers are guided by a specific instructions how to operate the system.

What are you waiting for without immediately contacting our Hotline? Reasonable price, prestige, quality is guaranteed.

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