The sludge dewatering machine is the ending equipment in a complex wastewater treatment process. In order to achieve the best working efficiency for the sludge dewatering machine, we provide design consulting services for sludge treatment systems to customers. This helps customers achieve maximum economic benefits as well as investment costs.

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Field survey to come up with design ideas, select the type of sludge dewatering machine corresponding to the investment cost as well as the installation area.



Provide highly feasible design and construction options, as well as solve difficulties and problems that may be encountered.



Make a plan with a transparent and specific cost estimate. We provide visual presentations with 2D and 3D technical drawings for customers' reference.

Perfect solution – Optimizing installation costs

ARK Vietnam will help you solve the problem of cost optimization with what is available.

A team of technical experts with many years of experience, together with enthusiastic consulting engineers, will help your investment costs be used properly.

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Proud to be the leader in the design and construction of sludge treatment systems in Vietnam, ARK is the perfect choice to bring the best quality of service and complete solutions to customers.

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New system design consulting

  • Design consultancy for a new sludge system including a sludge supply pipeline system, a polymer supply system, a frame system for installing sludge dewatering machine, a sludge discharge system, water discharge and other auxiliary systems.
  • Building requirements, capacity for sludge treatment system.
  • Evaluation of options, implementation solutions.
  • Consulting to build a total solution of wastewater system, integrating modern technology and equipment.
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System upgrade and optimization

  • Analyze the benefits of a system and the value it brings to investors.
  • Evaluate the system, offer solutions to optimize the cost of the system.
  • Directly survey the system, come up with a suitable design model and offer the optimal system upgrade solution for businesses, agencies and organizations.
  • Provide a suitable design model with the optimal system upgrade solution, thereby saving a lot of costs for agencies, businesses and organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a sludge treatment system consultation?

The treatment of sludge always accounts for a significant part of the production costs of enterprises. We with decades of experience understand these concerns. With the advice from ARK Vietnam, businesses will maximize investment costs and maximize efficiency in production.

Why is it necessary to install a sludge dewatering machine in conjunction with a sludge treatment system?

The sludge dewatering is also a multi-step treatment line. Therefore, to ensure this work is operated smoothly, this system needs to be designed in conjunction with the installation location of the mud press.

What are the benefits of this work?

Customers will be advised in detail. At the same time, we will based on the actual situation of the business, will offer the most optimal design plan, minimize costs, maximize the efficiency of sludge treatment.

What does the product include?

We will bring 2D drawings, 3D models designed by a team of experts, with long experience. At the same time, life-time support is available when they encounter problems or questions during operation.

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