The health and safety of employees and business partners are one of the most important and concerned issues of ARK Vietnam.

ARK Vietnam regularly organizes training and retraining on occupational safety for employees, and at the same time set up working regulations to ensure the highest level of safety. In addition, we also organize a collective kitchen and an emergency clinic to ensure the safety, hygiene, and health of all employees working at ARK Vietnam. ARK also ensures that its activities follow the principle of minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Our goals

  • All individuals must be trained and checked in safety regulations to work safely with high efficiency, avoiding risks to all employees of the company.
  • No one was injured or weakened while working or visiting our facilities.
  • Minimize incidents and accidents.
  • We want all individuals and employees to contribute to building a clean, quiet, secure, and durable working environment.

Mandatory safety requirements

  • The manager or supervisor is responsible for controlling the workplace, directly, taking reasonable resolutions to ensure a safe working area, and avoiding health and safety risks to employees and equipment.
  • Technical supervisor and HSE staff (Health Safety Environment) must be present at all times.
  • Master the processes directly related to the task being supervised.
  • When detecting a dangerous case that threatens life or unsafe equipment, supervisor has to suspend it and employees have to follow the instructions.
  • All employees are responsible for performing work in the workplace in accordance with the safety standards set by the employer and relevant laws and regulations.
  • For temporary workers must comply with standards at the workplace and follow the instructions of people working at the factory.

Personal protective equipment

All employees when working at the construction site or factory must comply with the following requirements:

  • Long-sleeved and collared workwear.
  • Safety pants (cloth shoes) and must be replaced with new ones when damaged.
  • Safety helmets with straps.
  • Always use personal protective equipment properly.
  • Safety glasses for eye protection when working especially in places where there is a possibility of accidents involving objects or flying at high speeds (eg welding, grinding, drilling).
  • Punching concrete by drills, pneumatic tools, inspecting glass or using chemicals, etc.
  • Ear protection: Ear protection must be worn when the working environment is noisy.
  • Protective Gloves: Work-appropriate hand protection should be worn when a risk to the hands is considered in the absence of gloves.

Activities for occupational health and safety:

  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for the company's employees.
  • Protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, and company visitors.
  • Minimize negative impacts on the environment through pollution prevention and proper waste management.
  • Comply with the health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Provide information, guidance, training and supervision to employees on health, safety and the environment.
  • Renovating the factory, equipping with hot exhaust fans, blowers, vacuum cleaners, etc. Workers working in places with chemical odors are equipped with full labor protection and toxic allowances.

Environmental hygiene

  • Indiscriminate workplaces can cause accidents, are inefficient and create hazards. The environment is not clean and safe will affect the health of each person, so cleaning will help each person feel comfortable and confident when working.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to keep the workplace clean (if you make a mess, clean it up). Tools and working equipment must be placed in a safe and secure place.
  • When grinding and welding metal pieces or small pieces must be properly contained to prevent falling.
  • Work area must be checked and always clean and tidy before starting work.
  • All work areas must be cleaned regularly, and excess material must be removed daily.
  • All spills of fuel, grease, hazardous substances or chemicals must be disposed of and cleaned up. When smoking, cigarette butts and garbage must be put in trash bins.

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