Criteria for an effective selection of sludge dewatering machine

The criteria for sludge dewatering selection included: type of sludge, wastewater flow, properties of sludge. Then choose the type of sludge dewatering, brand (manufacturer). It can be said that is an equation with too many unknown numbers for businesses.

What is the difficulty when choosing a sludge dewatering machine?

  • Which brand is reputable, providing good quality machines?
  • Price?
  • How is the warranty?
  • How long does it take to deliver and install?

For many years, thanks to the dewatering ability of the sludge press, investors have saved a lot of time and costs of sludge treatment. The sludge press is responsible for extracting the water from the liquid sludge solution, pressing them into dry, loose mud. Thereby sludge press will help minimize the weight and volume of sludge.

Currently, there are many types of sludge presses with different models, types, and prices on the market. Therefore, investors will have to carefully learn about the equipment to see if they are suitable for their sludge treatment or not. So what are the criteria for choosing a sludge press machine?

Depending on the needs of the customer, the manufacturer will advise the type of machine with the most suitable capacity and design. However, investors should have knowledge and understanding of the characteristics, advantages, and mechanism of each machine, thereby being able to choose the most suitable sludge press.

Criteria selection of sludge dewatering

1. Sludge properties

The sludge properties are an important factor determining the type of sludge press used. The concentration of sludge solution depends on the type of wastewater and customers' business field.


  • Sewage sludge from feed water treatment: sludge concentration is about 3%, dilute sludge, it is recommended to use decanter centrifuge dewatering machine;
  • Sludge from the septic tank (slurry manure): the sludge concentration is about 5%, the sludge is thick, it is recommended to use a decanter centrifuge sludge press;
  • Sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment system of cooking oil production and food processing units: sludge concentration >1%, using a screw press is most suitable because the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, suitable for dilute wastewater containing oil scum...

2. Flow of sludge

After choosing the suitable sludge dewatering, investors must choose the right model. Each sludge press model will have a different sludge treatment capacity.

Customers need to know the amount of sludge to be treated/day to choose the appropriate machine capacity. If the factory needs to process sludge continuously, they must choose a decanter centrifuge, belt-press or screw press. Particularly for the filter-press, which operates in batches of 4-5 hours/batch, it will not be suitable for factories operating 24/24.

3. Auxiliary devices

The auxiliary equipment that supports the sludge dewatering includes a chemical metering pump, polymer mixing tank, screw pump, working platform ... Investors should pay attention to choosing the right accessories. Should use the latest one to avoid damage that affects the general operation when handling sludge.

4. Prestigious manufacturer

The choice of suppliers of sludge presses is also essential for investors. If choosing a domestic manufacturer, it is necessary to choose a capable one because it also affects the quality of repair and warranty services after purchase.

Especially for decanter centrifuge sludge presses, ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd is the only brand that could manufacture in Vietnam. Other brands are imported from abroad. Thus, the repair and maintenance will be more difficult for non-production units.

ARK directly manufactures high-quality sludge presses in Vietnam

Choosing ARK as a supplier of sludge presses

ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that has been present in the Vietnam for more than 10 years. Precursor is AR Korea Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience. ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd. has a sludge press factory at Lot FJ-11, FJ-12, FJ-13. Song Khe - Noi Hoang Industrial Park (south), Tien Phong Commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province with a total area of 34,000 m². 

We specialize in the production of sludge treatment equipment:

  • Decanter Centrifuge
  • Screw press
  • Belt-press
  • Filter-press
  • Diaphragm metering pump
  • Polymer mixing tank

With a team of experienced engineers and full of responsibility. Above all, we are knowledgeable and specialized in the field of sludge treatment in Vietnam. We are ready to support a free trial run of the sludge press so that customers have the opportunity to use the product quickly and directly. After that, customers could make the right decision, choose a reputable and quality manufacturer. 

ARK Vietnam is ready to survey and advise on sludge press in accordance with the requirements of customers. Contact to ARK to approach the most perfect products and service quality. 

Please contact us immediately for an enthusiastic and fast consultant.

Phone number: 0977.675.754 (Mr Truc)
Email: [email protected]
Hanoi Office: 5th floor, N03-T7 Diplomatic Urban Area, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
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