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ARK Vietnam always do our best to bring the best service experience to customers. Warranty Policy is an indispensable part. We understand that in some force majeure cases, including both objective and subjective factors, you are not satisfied with the ordered product or have a need to change it. We always respect your decision and are dedicated to support with a policy of satisfaction and convenience.

ARK Vietnam always tries to simplify the warranty process, so as to save customers' time and money to the maximum. Below are our warranty options, to help customers understand their rights. Of course other remedies are included Law protect the interests of consumers.

This policy is our overarching policy for all products. However, it can be adjusted depending on the actual situation of each specific case.

Product is defective by the manufacturer 

Although we always test products during production and run tests before packing. However, it is not possible to 100% guarantee that there will be no unnecessary errors caused by the production line.

When this is the case, please contact us via our 24/7 customer service hotline. After confirming the error caused by ARK Vietnam, you will be supported to replace the incorrect parts. All costs incurred are solely our responsibility.

Damaged by transportation

Similar to the above, customers please contact us via our 24/7 customer service hotline. After confirming the error caused by the transportation unit, you will be replaced and repaired the damaged parts, ensuring the equipment returns to its original state. All costs incurred are solely our responsibility.

The product has an error when operating within the warranty period

When the product has a problem during the warranty period, our technical team will come to the place to check the damaged status. Repair work will be carried out quickly and easily thanks to spare parts available in Vietnam, skilled repair team, and long experience.

You change your mind

In case that during the inspection of the machine after placing an order, you change your mind because our product does not match the factory condition. Or simply your purpose has changed. Please contact us directly via the hotline or talk directly with the consulting team of ARK Vietnam. 

After discussion and agreement between the two parties, we are ready to meet the needs of how to exchange for another item that you require.

All shipping costs for return orders in this case will be paid by the customer.

For any other questions about Warranty, please contact directly at Hotline: 0977.675.754 (Mr Trúc).

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