Using sludge press – Comprehensive solution, long-term benefits

Technology is innovating. Newer and more effective methods are gradually replacing traditional and outdated methods. It can be said that we are living in the golden age of human civilization.

For example, in the field of industrial and domestic wastewater treatment. Factories, residential clusters, and urban areas are increasing in number and expanding in scale. The sludge drying yard methods and old generation equipment are no longer suitable to meet the increasing demand for sludge treatment. So, advanced and modern sludge presses were born to solve the above problem.

So, how is the economic efficiency of using a sludge press? Is it worth spending money to equip? In this article, ARK Vietnam will prove that the application of sludge presses in production is the right choice and profitable investment in the long term for customers.

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What is sludge? What is sludge dehydration work?


While it’s not pretty, sludge is a significant part of many industrial processes. Simply stated, “sludge” is a semi-solid mixture slurry that can be produced from a variety of industrial and municipal processes.

Dredging, sewer management, oil refinement, and more all result in some form of sludge being produced. This solid and liquid mixture needs to be managed before filtration or disposal are carried out for a cost-effective and straightforward process.

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Sludge dewatering is the process of separating solids and liquids from each other. The solids are isolated and collected separately through a variety of techniques that allow them to be dried, pressed, or otherwise easier to manage. The residual wastewater can then also be processed by a filtration system or removed more easily through standard disposal methods like piping or drainage.

What is the benefit of using sludge dewatering machines?


Sludge from water treatment processes and production costs thousands of dollars each year to remove/treat. Conventional water and wastewater treatment methods can generate large amounts of hazardous substances at municipal water plants. When this amount of sludge gets out of control, costs increase, and taxes can increase. Affect both businesses and people around. The high cost is due to the need for storage and transportation. As well as the handling costs involved.

It is important to use sludge presses to reduce these costs. Separation of water from sludge helps to cut down on treatment costs by reducing sludge volume. It can also help save about 75 to 80% in transportation and storage costs. Applied on a large scale, you could save more and more money.

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When sludge dewatering is used to treat water and wastewater, productivity typically increases. From large to small cities, water supplied for businesses needs to be clean, no toxins and impurities so that factories can continue to operate without interruption. For example, textile companies that dye fabrics need large amounts of clean water to produce brightly colored products. Such as jeans, pillows.

The residue from production can run off to create sludge, which can destroy the foundations of buildings. If this sludge is not disposed of efficiently, sites can shut down, completely halting productivity. However, using sludge dewatering techniques can prevent these problems.


Using sludge presses, dewatering is an environmentally friendly process in several ways. It reduces the volume of sludge for disposal. While the dewatering sludge is treated, the separated wastewater (urban or industrial) can still be reused for filtration. Thus reducing the overall amount of water content for treatment.


Some people think that using sludge presses is laborious work. On the contrary, those devices are easily automated. The dewatering sludge press comes with a sophisticated control system, automatic filter washer, and mechanically assisted sludge release. For seamless operation and effective interaction with the main control system of factory. All of which makes sludge dewatering much easier.


For the above reasons, the investment in dehydrators is vitally important for an enterprise. Currently, in the market, there are many types of sludge dewatering machines and each of them is suitable for each type of sludge.

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ARK VIETNAM – The comprehensive supplier

ARK Vietnam ARK Vietnam is a company from the Republic of Korea, specializing in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of sludge dewatering machines and auxiliary equipment for sludge treatment. Setting foot in the S-shaped country since 2011, ARK is proud to be the only company in Vietnam that owns modern technology, self-manufactured high-quality sludge dewatering machines, and satisfies all customers' demands.

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