ARK Vietnam commit to comply with applicable laws and regulations of the environment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Our operational goals and business philosophy are built on the desire to improve the living environment.

  • Minimize emissions of waste, toxic gas, and noise in production and business activities. We are constantly monitoring and checking for possible negative effects. Fix it immediately to minimize the consequences. Make sure the process is based on the best available technology.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws.
  • Incorporating environmental awareness into staff public training.
  • Promote and propagate recycling in the company, customers and material suppliers and business partners.

Constantly improving

  • Seeking material suppliers that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Natural resources are used efficiently and prudently in all processes.
  • Eliminate the possibility of an incident, negative impact, or risk to the environment. Applied at all stages including production, sales, transportation, and warranty.
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce Greenhouse effect, when repairing, operating, investing in machinery and equipment.
  • Waste is segregated and collected separately for recycling according to regulations.
  • Regularly maintain all machinery and production equipment in the facility to use energy efficiently.

Environmental standards

ARK Vietnam's products comply with regulations in Circular No. 30/2011/TT-Ministry of Finance dated August 10, 2011 (Temporary regulation on permissible content limits of some hazardous chemicals in products, electrical products, effective from December 1, 2012, are circulated in the Vietnamese market).

Chemicals that pose a threat to the environment are classified. They are labeled, properly managed, transported, and safely stored during use and disposal.

Concept “eco factory”

"Eco factory" is an action concretizing the commitment of ARK Vietnam. We promote environmental protection initiatives, contribute to a greener society. All our efforts are for the duty of sustainable production.

Environmental activities

ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd. aims to become Creative Green Company leading in manufacturing sludge dewatering machines in Vietnam. Put the environment at the center of activities. ARK has created a strong link between environmental plans and the development mission. Certification to ISO 14000 environmental management standard is proof. Concepts “eco products“, planting trees, protecting forests in the local area anually, factory without plastic bags, … are still being widely deployed by the company's Board Of Directors.

The health and safety of employees are very important. Environmental policies are correctly followed. ARK provides clean water, personal protective equipment, and builds a safe working environment for all employees.

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