Why are sludge presses necessary for the wastewater treatment system?

To ensure environmental sanitation, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam have required factories, industrial zones, Free-trade zone, etc. must equip with standard wastewater treatment systems. To remove harmful chemicals in wastewater and sludge before being released into the environment. One of the most effective assistants that investors trust is sludge press(es).

So what is the role of the sludge press in the wastewater treatment system and why is it necessary? Let's find out with ARK Vietnam in this article.


Previously, manufacturing enterprises had to spend a huge cost to treat sludge annually. The cost is mainly coming from hiring workers and renting sludge trucks from third parties. You well knew that the settling tanks in the wastewater treatment system will be filled with sludge after a while. Sludge settles and sticks firmly to the tank wall under the pressure of gravity. It is compulsory to hire workers and vehicles to scoop up the mud. However, it is very expensive and not hygienic.

This is just a temporary solution, the problem is not completely solved

wastewater treatment

Especially in the chemical manufacturing industries - cosmetics, food, printing ink, the sludge from the wastewater treatment system will have a stench and be extremely toxic. Extremely harmful to the environment and workers' health. Therefore, investors always have a headache about a better sludge treatment solution.

Since then, the sludge presses were researched and invented, meeting the huge demand for wastewater and sludge treatment. Not only better but this is also considered the best solution available today. The slurry press is increasingly showing its necessity. Become an indispensable piece in professional sludge treatment systems.

The most important is the purchase of a sludge dewatering machine will help companies and factories to save the cost of hiring a transport unit to dump the sludge. Because after being filtered, pressed, the volume and weight of the sludge will decrease significantly. The sludge is neatly packed, odors are minimized. Transport quickly and safely to the sludge treatment site, saving the number of trips.


Among the wastewater and sludge treatment solutions, the application of a sludge press is the most economical investment, economically beneficial, and time-saving.

Previously, sludge treatment took workers had to work many days or a month to dredge, dry mud in the yard (traditional ways). Currently, the most modern, high-quality mud presses can work 24/7, with high efficiency and freeing human labor.

wastewater treatment

Waste sludge after pressing will significantly reduce weight and volume


To treat wastewater effectively, polymers (or coagulant chemicals) must be used. This chemical is especially necessary with certain types of wastewater. If the customer is using a plate-frame slurry press (filter-press) (which uses old technology), the polymer will not be needed. But the machine cannot work continuously. But collecting the mud cake from this machine is very hard.

If using new generations of slurry presses (such as screw presses, decanter centrifuges), polymers are essential.

However, compared to the traditional sludge treatment method, it is more economical to use coagulant chemicals for the sludge press. The dryness of the pressed sludge is stable, the sludge dewatering machine works optimally all day long. In short, the investment cost will be significantly cheaper.

wastewater treatmentARK Vietnam's decanter centrifuge slurry press is compact, saving set-up space

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