What is waste minimization? What is its benefit?

If you are an establishment that is generating waste, have a reduce waste plan. Failure to do so can not only lead to legal trouble but can also harm the health of the environment and the surrounding community.

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In this article, we will learn what waste minimization is, the benefits, and the legal requirements behind the generation of waste.

What is waste minimization?

Waste minimization is the use of environmentally sound recycling or source reduction methods prior to energy recovery, waste treatment or disposal.

The two most common ways to reduce waste are source reduction and recycling. Mitigation at the source reduces or eliminates the generation of waste at the source.

Some examples of source reduction are:

  • Buy more durable waste treatment products
  • Substitute certain materials to reduce toxicity
  • Improve the way it works

Recycling is the reuse or recovery of in-process materials that are created as by-products that can be further processed on-site or sent offsite to recover value.

Some examples of recycling are:

  • Treat waste to recover or regenerate a usable product. For example, ARK Vietnam uses sludge dewatering technologies such as decanter centrifuge and filter press to reduce the volume of liquid/solid mixtures by up to 80%.
  • Use/reuse waste as an alternative to commercial product.
  • Direct use/reuse of waste in a process to make a product.

Does the law require Waste Reduction?

Yes. The Law on Environmental Protection (Law No: 72/2020/QH14) requires establishments that generate or manage hazardous waste to have a waste reduction program to protect the environment.

Law No: 72/2020/QH14

In 2020, the National Assembly passed the Law on Environmental Protection. This Law provides for environmental protection activities; rights, obligations and responsibilities of agencies, organizations, residential communities, households and individuals in environmental protection activities. The four main programs are:

  • Solid waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Underground storage tank

How do I know if my waste is hazardous?

If you are generating waste, it is your responsibility to test your waste or use your knowledge of waste to determine its content and characteristics.

That's why it's best to work with experts in the waste treatment industry like ARK Vietnam who can examine your waste and offer effective solutions to it. your waste.

What are the benefits of Waste Reduction?

Reducing waste not only protects the environment; it also makes good economic and business sense. With sufficient waste reduction, your company can avoid violating the regulatory requirements of 72/2020/QH14 on environmental protection.

Reducing waste can improve:

  • Profit
  • Environmental performance
  • Production efficiency
  • Good corporate image 
  • Product Quality

At the same time, it can help reduce:

  • Amount and toxicity of solid and hazardous waste generation
  • Comply with regulations on waste treatment
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Cost of purchasing materials for waste treatment
  • Waste management costs
  • Accidents at work and contact with workers

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