Repairing Decanter Centrifuge leading prestige in Vietnam

ARK Vietnam offers Decanter Centrifuge repair services to all businesses. ARK's engineers provide expertise and precision workmanship. ARK Vietnam is the best company in the field of Decanter Centrifuge repair.

Sửa chữa máy ép bùn ly tâm
main parts of decanter centrifuge

During the operation of Decanter Centrifuge, a problem occurred. Don't worry too much, calmly record the incident and contact us immediately. You should not attempt to repair the Decanter Centrifuge yourself to avoid further damage.

Common faults of centrifugal decanter

  •  The sludge after pressing does not dry.
  • The screw in the machine is worn.
  • Filtered water is not clean.
  • Continuous overload warning.
  • The machine has noise and vibration.

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We recognize that any shutdown due to a glitch is an emergency. Therefore, the downtime of the machine will cause the company a logistical headache. As a result, they all have an impact on production and revenue.

Repair of decanter centrifuge is a top priority

When you call us when the machine has a problem. We treat it as an emergency and are given the highest priority. Therefore, we make quick repairs to get your device working again. Reducing your wait times affects company operations.

sửa chữa máy ép bùn ly tâm
Actual pictures inside the decanter centrifuge

We offer complete centrifugal decanter repair services. Specialized in the oil industry, industry, agriculture, and wastewater management.

We can repair all parts of any DECANTER CENTRIFUGE. Our engineers also use new technology. Allow us to restore your centrifuge decanter to OEM (or better) specifications, or tailor the device to meet your specific requirements.

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When we service or repair your centrifuge. You can expect it to work just as well as it did the day it was new. Our goal is to extend the life of your equipment and minimize possible downtime.

Maintenance and repair services include

  • Restore all parts to original manufacturer (OEM) centrifuge decanter specifications.
  • Replace all bearings, seals, pins, and any working or unusable parts.
  • Hard surface reconstruction.
  • Gear board construction and assembly.
  • Dynamic balance of bowl, conveyor, and gearbox assembly.
  • Clean and repair frames and assemblies.
  • Repair or modify electrical controls, as necessary.
  • Standard maintenance, when field service is not convenient.
  • Weld areas of chemical damage or erosion.
  • Replace worn parts, such as o-rings and washers.
  • Replace old or damaged items.
  • Perform the upgrade.
  • Static and/or dynamic device balancing based on demand and equipment availability.
  • Conduct a test run.

The reason for choosing ARK Vietnam to repair decanter centrifugal

With the advantage of having the only centrifugal sludge dewatering machine manufacturing and assembling factory in Vietnam. ARK is fully equipped with specialized tools and machines. Let us solve DECANTER CENTRIFUGE repair problems for you with the most dedication - prestige - professionalism.

ARK Vietnam can replace any part and manufacture parts that are hard to find or out of production.

We can back design any part and can manufacture it to exact OEM specifications. Over the years, we've built thousands of hard-to-find replacement parts.

We already have machines that are 30 years old in our company. We successfully built the parts for them and got the machine back to working like new. We specialize in the Fabrication of Centrifugal Parts.

ARK Vietnam is the leading design and construction unit of the sludge treatment system, the leading manufacturer of sludge presses, and the leading Decanter Centrifuge repair company in Vietnam.

Phone number: 0977.675.754 (Mr Truc)
Hanoi Office: 5th floor, N03-T7 Diplomatic Urban Area, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
HCMC Office: 68 - 70 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 13, District 4, HCM City.

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