Top 4 most popular sludge dewatering in industrial wastewater treatment

There are many types of sludge dewatering on industrial wastewater treatment equipment, which come with various models. This makes investors have many questions about the quality and hesitate in choosing. To easily find the most suitable machine, let's first learn about the industrial wastewater treatment process with ARK Vietnam. Then we will mention the top 4 most popular types of sludge presses today.

Properties of sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plant

An industrial wastewater treatment plant

Sludge from the industrial wastewater treatment plant contains high concentrations of pollutants. A large amount of sludge is generated daily. If not handled and collected in time, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Industrial parks often operate in multi-sectors and multi-fields. Therefore, wastewater contains high levels of heavy and toxic metals such as Iron, Arsenic, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, ... Especially in the industries of inorganic chemical processing, plating, and plating. If not well managed, the generated wastewater will cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

Sewage sludge is the components that are removed from the biochemical reactors in the wastewater treatment system. Waste sludge has a solids content of about 0.25 - 12% depending on properties and treatment methods. Most of the sludge generated from the centralized wastewater treatment plant of the industrial park is managed as hazardous waste. Apply according to Circular 36/2015/TT-BTNMT. Violators will be handled according to Decree 155/2016/ND-CP.

Sludge from the centralized wastewater treatment plant

How is sewage sludge defined as hazardous?

Sewage sludge is determined according to Vietnamese standards 50: 2013/BTNMT – National Technical Regulation on the hazardous threshold for sludge from the water treatment process. Standard parameters and maximum thresholds. Waste sludge of the treatment process is determined as hazardous waste if it falls into one of the following cases:

  • pH ≥ 12.5 or pH ≤ 2.0;
  • In the analyzed sludge sample, there is at least 01 parameter specified in Table 1 that simultaneously exceeds both thresholds Htc and Ctc.

Vietnam Standard 50:2013/Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Current status of wastewater sludge treatment in Vietnam

In fact, in our country, most of the sludge has not been treated in accordance with the issued technical regulations.

Process of industrial wastewater treatment

Sludge from industrial wastewater treatment systems such as cosmetics, paints, chemicals, textile dyeing, and mechanical industries ... contains a lot of toxic substances. Due to the specificity of the production process, many hazardous chemicals are used. Factories, businesses, and factories today often collect sludge and discharge it to unspecified locations. Especially in remote areas to minimize the cost of sludge treatment. They ignore the serious consequences that can be caused to the environment as well as to public health.

Solutions to treat sludge from industrial wastewater?

Currently, the use of sludge presses to treat industrial sludge is very popular. This is a quick, economical and long-term solution for investors.

Compared to using the traditional sludge drying yard or collecting it directly as before, the sludge press only needs to be installed in a small area, but the treatment capacity is more effective. The sludge press can also:

  • Stabilize sludge, remove organic components before being discharged to environment
  • Dry sludge for easy collection and transport
  • Sludge can be reused safely
  • Follow regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on sludge management

Types of sludge dewatering for industrial sludge treatment in Vietnam

There are 4 types of sludge presses. All of them are directly produced and distributed by ARK Vietnam. Based on Korean technology:

  1. Decanter Centrifuge
  2. Screw press
  3. Belt-press
  4. Filter-press

Sludge presses produced by ARK

When you choose ARK sludge dewatering, we will test your sludge to advise you to choose the type of machine with the most suitable capacity and treatment characteristics. For each type of sludge, there will be compatibility for one or more types of sludge presses.


Over the years, ARK Vietnam had opportunities to serve domestic and foreign customers. We are contributing to environmental protection. After-sales service is focused, ensuring customer benefits.

All stages of production, processing and set up are extremely meticulous, strictly under ISO standards


AR Korea has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing water treatment equipment. This is a solid pillar for ARK Vietnam in the new potential market for over ten years ago. ARK Vietnam has equipped modern production lines based on foreign technology to produce high-quality sludge dewatering. That is a reason why we always ensure every spare part meets outstanding quality.


ARK's staff are constantly improving their experience. We always aim for the best product and customer satisfaction. Our new generation sludge presses are of superior quality.


We understand and quickly handle problems during machine operation. This gives customer satisfaction about the after-sales warranty. In addition, we are committed to offering affordable prices commensurate with product quality. Fast delivery and installation, the best maintenance service.

Please contact us immediately for an enthusiastic and fast consultant.

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