Top 3 sludge dehydrator

The trend of self buy sludge dewatering machine is being seen by businesses favored by its convenience. As the state requires on waste treatment become more and more stringent. Businesses want to save costs and improve output, so they need learn sludge dewatering is increasing. In this article, ARK Vietnam will advise you on the top 3 best sludge dewatering today.

Top 3 Máy Ép Bùn

1. Decanter centrifuge

At the top of the top 3 sludge dewatering today is none other than the decanter centrifuge. It is currently the most modern sludge separator today.

Decanter centrifuge (Decanter centrifuge) is a device that uses high rotational speed to separate the sludge components from the water. It is widely used in industrial areas. Where solids, liquids and gases are fused into a single mixture. Separation of these different stages is necessary.

decanter centrifuge (also known as centrifugal extractor) continuously separates the solid material from the liquid in the slurry. Thus plays an important role in the industry wastewater treatment, chemicals, oils and food. There are a number of factors that affect the performance of centrifuge and some design heuristics to follow, depending on subject to certain applications.

2. Screw press

A screw press is a screw press for separating liquids from solids. The machine can be used in place of Belt press, centrifuge or filter press. It is a simple, slow moving device that completes dewatering by continuous gravity drainage.

3. Belt press

Belt-press (belt press filter) is an industrial machine, used for solid/liquid separation processes, especially sludge removal in the chemical, mining and water treatment industries. Filtration process using the pressure of the rollers on the conveyor through the roller system.

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