The signing ceremony of ARK Vietnam to supply equipment for Song Da Clean Water Plant

Hanoi June 27, 2023 – Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony: ARK Vietnam provides slurry press equipment for Songda Water Investment Joint Stock Company (SDW), in cooperation with Southern Star trading production investment Corporation(SSC) and the presence of Park Seok-hoon (Director of Water Treatment Department of Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) ).

ảnh ký kết hợp đồng ARK Việt Nam với Cấp Nước Sông Đà
From left to right: Mr. Trinh Van Nam (Director of SDW) / Mr. Hong Sang-heon (General Director of ARK) / Mr. Park Seok-hoon (Director of KECO Water Treatment Division)

The multilateral MOU talks about ARK Vietnam supplying three DECANTER CENTRIFUGE R550 to SDW by September 2023 and plans to complete operations by the end of this year. Along with that is cooperation and technical support as well as management know-how.

Information of the signing ceremony

Hình ảnh buổi lễ ký kết giữa ARK Việt Nam và nhà máy cấp nước Sông Đà
Photos of the signing ceremony
sự kiện ký kết cung cấp 3 máy ép bùn R550 cho Công ty cấp nước Sông Đà
Representatives at the signing ceremony

Units participating in the signing ceremony

At the ceremony were the presence of the parties:

  • Song Da Water Investment Joint Stock Company (investor) participants: Mr. Trinh Van Nam (Vice General Director of Viwasupco, director of Song Da water supply plant).
  • ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd (Sludge pressing equipment supplier) participants: Mr. Hong Sang-heon (CEO), Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy (Head of Planning Department), Mr. Yeo Ti Yeon An (Manager), Mr. Tran Van Truc (Deputy Sales Director).
  • Viwaseen3 Joint Stock Company (construction contractor) participating personnel: Vu Duc Toan (construction supervisor).
  • Southern Star trading production investment Corporation (Suppliers of water treatment equipment) participants: Mr. Dinh Xuan Thanh (General Director), Ms. Nguyen Duy Thanh (Deputy Director).
  • Korea Environment Corporation participants: Mr. Park Seok-hoon (National Water Industry Cluster Project Team), Mr. Hwang Jun-seok (Deputy Head of Water Convergence Research Department), Manager Mr. Park Jong-ho (Research Department) Water Convergence).

Vietnam's Song Da Clean Water Plant (SDW) supplies 300,000 m of water per day, and about 30% of that is supplied to Hanoi. In the future, the company expands the capacity to 1,200,000 m³/day which will be supplied by 2030.

ARK Vietnam, as a leading supplier in the field dewatering equipment, has been made a strategic partner by SDW. This proves the trust and appreciation of ARK Vietnam's ability to operate and manage product quality.

At the ceremony, ARK Vietnam also signed a cooperation agreement as a supplier sludge dewatering machines for NSPN company.

Ark Việt Nam ký kết hợp tác cùng Ngôi Sao Phương Nam
From right to left: Mr. Park Seok-hoon (Director of KECO Water Treatment Division), Mr. Hong Sang-heon (ARK's General Director), Mr. Dinh Xuan Thanh (General Director of NSPN), Ms. Nguyen Duy Thanh (Associate Director of NSPN)

The signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding saw the participation of Mr. Park Seok-hoon, the head of KECO who is a leading expert in the field of environment and water management. Mr. Park highly appreciated the efforts of ARK Vietnam and its partners in ensuring clean water quality and protecting the environment.

Through the MOU, ARK Vietnam is committed to providing modern and advanced dewatering equipment to SDW, to optimize the water treatment process and ensure pure water quality. This cooperation also includes the sharing of knowledge and techniques among partners to improve capacity and efficiency in water resource management.

Park Seok-hoon (Director of KECO's Water Treatment Department) has a visit to Song Da Water Supply Plant

After the successful signing ceremony, the representative of Song Da Water Supply Plant, Mr. Trinh Van Nam, invited all parties to attend the ceremony to visit the factory.

Seokhoon Park thăm quan nhà máy cấp nước Sông Đà
Park Seok-hoon visits Song Da water supply factory

Some pictures of visiting Song Da water supply plant

Speaking after the signing ceremony

Mr. Park Seok-hoon, head of KECO's Water Industry Cluster Project Team, said: “This Memorandum of Understanding has symbolic meaning as it is a Memorandum of Understanding for Korean companies to enter Vietnam. build national water purification plants. We aim to provide safe water in Hanoi through the know-how of acquiring water treatment technology after Korea's urbanization in the past and congratulate you for making a good influence on technology exchange between Korea and Vietnam.”

ARK Vietnam representative said: “We are pleased to sign this memorandum of understanding with SDW. This cooperation allows us to contribute to improving water quality and protecting the environment. We believe that the combined efforts of our partners will bring about outstanding achievements in the field of water management.”

SDW also expressed its excitement and desire for long-term cooperation with ARK Vietnam. “We are delighted to partner with ARK Vietnam in providing advanced dewatering equipment. This combination will help us improve our water treatment capabilities and ensure clean water for the community.” a company representative said.

The cooperation between ARK Vietnam, SDW, and NSPN promises to bring advanced and sustainable solutions for water treatment and water resource management. The presence of Mr. Park Seok-hoon, Director of KECO's Water Treatment Division, further increased confidence and hope in the success of the project.

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Through the signing ceremony of this MOU, we have reason to believe in a bright future, when water quality improves and clean water meets the needs of the community.

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