Diaphragm metering pumps – Installation, Use, and Care

ARK Vietnam diaphragm metering pump is appreciated for its quality and cost. It received lots of recommendations from individual and business customers.

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What makes the success of the ARK diaphragm metering pump?

  • Compact design, quiet operation.
  • Easy to move, assemble and maintain.
  • Stable operation, energy saving.
  • Advanced technology production line.
  • Has the function of manual or automatic flow adjustment.

The reason the pump can work with highly corrosive solutions is thanks to its high-quality materials. Not to mention: pump diaphragm from EP plastic coated with Teflon, pump head made of PP.

  • Competitive price, perfect after-sales service, full standard papers (CO, CQ).
  • Suitable for both harsh and high-temperature environments.

ARK VIETNAM – Leading brand in sludge treatment & liquid pump manufacturing

  • The product is designed with high quality and stable performance.
  • Meets strict European quality standards.
  • The ARK metering pump in operation allows proportional change with very high accuracy.
  • Low noise, simple structure, reasonable price…
  • The operation does not cause excess chemicals, affecting the working environment.

During more than 30 years of establishment and development, ARK we are constantly improving and continuously improving technology. Best meet the needs of using a metering pump. In Vietnam, we rise to become one of the leading dosing pump supply brands. Wide distribution network to countries around the world.

Therefore, customers can feel secure when choosing to buy our products. To choose to buy the best version, suitable for the capacity used, please contact ARK Vietnam directly.

The following is a guide to installing and operating a metering pump that ARK Vietnam would like to note to customers.

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1.1. Pump installation location – First note

You should put the pump in a flat, ventilated, clean place. If you are outdoors, you must have a roof to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and rain. This carelessness can cause electric leakage, unsafe to use.

1.2. Install pump suction filter

The pump suction head is the most important part, especially when pumping dense chemicals with a lot of sediment. It will filter the pump solution to help the pump operate more stably and reliably. When choosing a suction nozzle filter, it is advisable to choose the right size for the nozzle so as not to affect the pump flow.

1.3. Suction pipe for pump

This installation should be done with great care, as it directly affects the performance of the pump. When choosing pipes, you should choose the size suitable for the flow used. The shorter the pipe length the better, useful when pumping highly viscous liquids. Materials should be stainless steel or steel to limit corrosion.

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1.4. Installation of push pipe

The discharge pipe is similar to the suction pipe. Customers should note that the pressure of the ejector must be at least 0.3 bar greater than the pressure of the suction head. In the case of small flows, 0.5 bar is a suitable offset.

1.5. Safety valve (or pressure relief valve)

Pressure relief valves are extremely necessary with diaphragm metering pumps, not only with ARK pumps. The valve must be installed immediately after the ejector and before the shut-off valve. Valve pressure should not exceed the maximum pump pressure.

1.6. Pulse dissipation device, pressure gauge, a standard system

These add-ons are usually completed last.

The process of installing a metering pump is not a simple job. If the customer is inexperienced, ARK Vietnam's technical staff is ready to advise and support complete and accurate installation. Thereby minimizing the risks that may be encountered when using.


  • The metering pump requires the system to withstand high pressures. As well as the toxic and corrosive nature of chemicals.
  • When using, be sure to comply with safety regulations.
  • Ancillary equipment must be installed to protect the pump, such as a dry-running device, a fuse, a filter valve, an overflow valve against overpressure, a pressure gauge, and a flow meter to control the pump.
  • The power source must be stable, with the correct voltage specified by the manufacturer. The ground wire is also recommended.
  • Do not operate the diaphragm metering pump in the idle state for too long. Although the ARK metering pump can be idling, prolonged exposure can cause equipment damage.
  • First, you should adjust the initial pump flow lower than the purpose. Then gradually increase to limit air bubbles in the pipeline.


  • If you do not use it for a long time, it is best to check and clean it thoroughly with clean water.
  • Turn off the power after use.
  • Make sure the contact points are tight. Bolts connecting the pump base, pump frame, and pipeline must be tightened.
  • Change the oil of the pump periodically, according to the manufacturer's requirements.
  • When checking and maintaining the pump, the power must be disconnected. Release the pressure in the pipeline, and drain the fluid in the pump.
  • During use, if the pump has a chemical leak, it should be checked and corrected immediately.
  • Protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves, .... Personal protective equipment is mandatory for the operator. To ensure absolute safety, minimize unnecessary risks as much as possible.

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ARK VIETNAM – Manufacturer of quality diaphragm metering pumps

The metering pump is a specialized product designed for hazardous and corrosive chemicals. Careful product selection is something that customers are especially interested in.

  • ARK Vietnam is a quality brand that has affirmed its prestige in the market.
  • A team of consultants and technicians are ready to guide you enthusiastically, thoughtfully … to help you choose the metering pump version with the most suitable capacity.
  • Quick delivery policy, thoughtful warranty.

When choosing ARK Vietnam, you will never be disappointed

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