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What is chemical metering pump?

Chemical metering pumps (or dosing pumps) are basic equipment in industrial production and wastewater treatment. Meeting the requirements of transporting liquids in the stages of feeding, extraction, packaging, etc. Especially in the chemical industry, where workers are at risk of being exposed to dangerous substances that damage health.


Chemical metering pumps are designed to limit workers' exposure to dangerous substances. At the same time, it improves productivity, saves human energy, and prevents the risk of occupational accidents. Metering pumps are specialized pumps with many different capacities.


During operation of diaphragm metering pump, the machine can change the flow, liquid volume simply. Manually or automatically. It can pump corrosive, toxic chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salts, to thick, viscous, or high-temperature solutions. The working principle of the metering pump usually uses the kinetic energy generated by an AC motor with constant wattage. The various actuators then rotate the impeller. These actuators help to change the fluid flow while the pump is running.


The pump market in Vietnam has a variety of types and models of pumps and the presence of many domestic and foreign manufacturers. The market is vibrant and bustling. Each brand has its distinct advantages. Customers when choosing products must know about chemical dosing pumps.

The consultant is responsible for providing price, capacity to help customers choose a suitable product for economic conditions and production scale.

Other factors such as flow rate, liquid level height, power supply, materials, to suit the chemical to be pumped also need to be considered.

Metering pump with Korean technology

Customers must know how to operate, avoid the situation when you buy it but can't use it. ARK's metering pump is directly manufactured in Vietnam. It is the leading product in the market today which is high-quality, durable to meet Korean standards.

ARK's metering pump has a competitive price due to being produced in Vietnam. Replacement parts are available and the cost is lower than other imported metering pump brands.

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