New Year's Message 2023 – ARK Vietnam To Partners And Customers

The energetic new year 2023 is approaching. The past 2022 has been greatly affected by high US inflation due to Russia's war with Ukraine.

Your company and 197,863 people in the water industry have taken care of safe water for 51.63 million people by protecting our water industry and water treatment sector despite the hardships of 2022! You have suffered a lot.

ARK Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development of global dewatering equipment. Thank you for always visiting and supporting our products. We will provide you with a dewatering performance. And better product quality.

Enterprises in our water industry must be concentric, and synergistic, and help each other like a bridge between water and fish, not an incompatible relationship like water and fire.

Korea's water treatment sector is expanding into East Asia and the world market, and desalination of feed water, wastewater, and seawater are at 80% of that of developed countries and high-tech water industry. is about 60%. require further research and development and quality control.

According to the OECD's World Infrastructure Investment Outlook, by 2030, among the four major infrastructure projects, the water sector is expected to be the largest investment project, with $1.8 trillion.

In the future, energy and carbon reduction because of global warming, as well as the problem of water shortage, is attracting great attention. Our water professionals must foster young students and lead innovation with pride as environmentalists in the water industry, which is expected to be the best in its field. Treatment in the future.

Goodbye 2022

In 2022, ARK put a lot of effort into reorganizing the brand. About 90% of K-SLUDGE PRESS's image rearrangement, which will reach the world, has been completed. Through promotional videos, on-site mud filming, drone filming, and 3D production, we've improved our premium brand image and are making an impact that will stay in the hearts. Of water workers around the world.

Vietnam's main achievements in 2022 are handing over the national water purification plant taking part in the VIETWATER water industry exhibition, expanding its presence in the B2B market, and raising market share awareness through participation join ASIAWATER 2022.

With the primary goal of 2023, ▲ Indonesia, ▲ Entering Malaysia, the joint project of the Daegu water industry cluster ▲ developing a centrifugal dehydrator of the type for export abroad Vung Tau is underway.

In Thailand, Japanese companies hold a high market share, but Malaysia and Indonesia are less urbanized countries with extensive areas, so it is necessary to spread water treatment technology and nurture talent. We comply with the environmental laws of the host country, respect their culture by hiring local workers, and share a patriotic philosophy.

Look forward to ARK's performance in Malaysia and Indonesia. This is our main entry target.

Among them is a high-quality centrifugal dewatering machine born in Korea. The screw press is preparing to reach out to the world. Our mission is to consistently supply sludge dewatering equipment from proud Korea for explosive potential in the less urbanized market by using Southeast Asia as the central base.

We're not just looking for market share. We are acting as a facilitator to provide knowledge and experience to local talents to operate the dewatering machine, which is the core of the wastewater and wastewater treatment system in East Asia.

Happy New Year 2023

Don't forget the mindset that effort, challenge and innovation in 2022 is a difficult series, and hopefully 2023 will be a company.

ARK Vietnam wishes you a happy new year 2023

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