Compare pig manure and cow manure press and screw press

Thorough and effective treatment of livestock waste is always a dilemma for any centralized livestock establishment. The larger the scale, the more the amount of waste generated causes headaches for farmers. Solutions for collection and treatment costs to optimize investment capital and profits should be carefully calculated.

Fortunately, with the help of modern machinery, livestock waste can now become "black gold" in agriculture.

Water separation press has become a suitable solution to solve the problem of livestock waste for a long time. However, there are still some limitations in terms of lifespan and operating capacity, especially in farms with thousands of pigs and cows.

Many investors have found a solution with screw presses, possessing more advanced technology. Still applying the principle of separation and pressing to turn waste from a separated slurry into a liquid and solid residue. But it is more efficient, drier, and especially durable and has a higher processing capacity than traditional composting machines. Minimizing pollution as well as minimizing the tank area.

We invite you and ARK Vietnam to put on the table to compare the pig manure and cow manure presses with the screw press in livestock production. The machine is researched and manufactured by our company on modern Korean technology lines, compact design, suitable for installation at all locations on the farm. High-quality fertilizer press, absolutely dry, durable, long warranty.

Current status of waste treatment in livestock

Despite strong economic progress, Vietnam is still basically an agricultural country with 70% of the population living in rural areas. Cultivation and animal husbandry play a key role in our country's trade balance, but it still comes with a worrying situation. From small and medium-sized livestock production in households to large-scale farms is still causing serious environmental pollution. The waste from livestock and poultry stagnates in large quantities, directly affecting human health, and reducing resistance and disease for livestock. Comparison of pig manure, cow manure, and screw press

Reduced productivity, high cost of treatment, low efficiency when there is no optimal waste treatment system.

Wastewater generated from cleaning barns, bathing animals mixed with their urine and feces creates a paste with very high BOD, making treatment very difficult. Bad odors and bacteria not only pollute the air, but also soil and water.

  • There is no standard waste treatment system to ensure hygiene, easy to leak into the environment, affecting residential areas.
  • The large scale of livestock production comes with a large tank area, making it difficult if the land fund is tight.
  • If manure has not been thoroughly treated, it will be difficult to take advantage of to fertilize plants, even polluting the soil.
  • It is difficult to use the biogas composting method because the waste has not been properly treated and the humidity is too high.
  • Using old fertilizer presses, often stuck, clogged, weak capacity, overloaded when expanding farm size, leading to processing takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Unpleasant smell, attracting harmful insects, germs, risk of disease outbreak.

There are many solutions offered to turn what is considered “worthless” into “gold”. With fertilizer presses and screw slurry presses, from having to pay for treatment will bring profits from recovering waste products, recycling for farming. Specialized machines support the processing of livestock waste into fertilizer quickly.

Benefits of fertilizer presses and screw slurry presses – “One capital, four words”

Previously, to process 3-4 tons of pig manure/day, people had to build 6-7 biogas tanks with extremely large volume. Even in the future, even if the number of livestock is not increased, the sediments will reduce the treatment capacity of the Biogas leading to overflow or explosion, and an additional fee will be required to suck and treat the waste outside. The cost is so high that if not treated, it will cause serious pollution.

The system of pig manure press (swine manure, cow dung), screw press appeared as a lifeline for farmers. They easily separate solid and liquid waste into 2 separate parts, reduce the volume of the tank, the residue is easily processed into organic fertilizer, sold to help generate income and recover the initial investment.

However, many people are hesitant or skeptical before boldly investing in buying a machine. High-capacity, high-tech models such as screw press have a price that is not suitable for the majority of the working class. However, for those who calculate the potential in the long run, pig manure press, screw press will make your farm sustainable in the long run.

With the investment in buying a machine, people can forget about the problem of waste treatment and rest assured to take care of their livestock, expand the model and develop their business.

In today's medium-sized livestock farms, usually the fertilizer presses will be used every 2 days. The manure after being separated from water, reducing moisture, drying, and deodorizing will be sold to organic fertilizer production facilities. Each kg of organic fertilizer is sold from 3000 - 4000 VND/kg. The more manure is treated, the greater the revenue.

With an average waste volume of 5-6 tons, the revenue from the sale of manure will reach tens of millions of dong a day. No need to hire an outside waste treatment unit, workers to clean the tank, and quickly refund the purchase of the machine. It is "one capital, four words".

The pig and cow manure press usually have a capacity of handling up to 600kg of waste, the screw press also produce up to 120 - 150 kgDS in 1 hour with a humidity of 30 - 45%. By eliminating mainly the volume and weight caused by water, the solid residue can be easily bagged for cultivation. The part of wastewater that can be filtered out of suspended sediment is also easily treated more thoroughly.

What are a pig and cow manure press machines?

A fertilizer press is a mechanized system that is operated automatically or semi-automatically. Using waste compactors to turn waste from a paste that separates liquid and solid residues. The technology of solid-liquid separation press for pigs and cows has been localized at affordable prices and diverse capacities, suitable for domestic livestock conditions. Most of the pig and cow manure presses are designed, customized, and manufactured right here in Vietnam.

máy ép phân heo, phân bò
A machine that presses common pig and cow manure (Source: Internet)

Features of the separator press machine

  • The vast majority of cow dung, pig manure, cattle, and poultry excrement machines are of Vietnamese origin.
  • Used for pressing fibrous wastes with a size of about 0.1mm or more such as cow, pig, and chicken manure ...
  • The press can separate the maximum amount of residue and sludge in the wastewater to significantly reduce the volume and volume of waste. It also reduces the number of pollutants that need to be treated.
  • The amount of residue after pressing has a moisture content of 55 - 65% and can be reused as fertilizer for plants. For fuel, low humidity will give optimal efficiency, shortening the drying process
  • Capacity can meet from 5-35m³/hour
  • The machine can also press wastewater from flour mills, rice flour, paper, beer residues, water plants, etc.

The principle of operation is very simple

Raw materials (fecal water) are pumped up from the storage tank and moved to the press chamber. The motor will create a powerful push to push the presser shaft as a helical screw to force the waste toward the outlet. The water is separated into tiny particles through the slots leading to the waste water tank. While the solid residue is pushed through the outlet and collected at one end.

Screw press in livestock farming

If you have understood the fertilizer press above, the Screw Press also has the same operating principle. But the enhanced improvement in quality, durability, capacity, and automation, cleaning ability. The structure of the slurry press is composed of 1 or more screws that press solids, accompanied by a polymer stirring tank. The stirring tank is where people use more biochemical products such as polymers and PAC to deposit and clump suspended solids in the fecal water before the mixture is pressed into the press.

máy ép bùn trục vít sv-rt101 ARK Việt Nam
SV-RT101 screw press machine ARK Vietnam

The same principle of operation

Raw materials are sucked up by the engine from the storage tank, entering the stirring chamber before pressing. The gap between the screw and the screw groove is getting narrower, and the pressure on the sludge will increase. The water is separated from the slurry and flows out from the gap between the movable and fixed disc system. The movement of these discs automatically clears the gap between them and prevents jamming. The sludge after filtering is pressed by the shaft and discharged.

This process increases the efficiency of sludge pressing, optimizes the amount of waste collected, and the wastewater is clearer and easier to handle later. The material of the whole machine is made of stainless steel 303, 304 anti-rusts. The screw extrudes the dry manure, and the water is separated through the holes in the filter. The more screw the machine has, the higher the processing capacity, and the lower the moisture content of the solid residue.

For a high-quality screw press, the moisture content of solid residue is less than 30%. This is the best result of mechanical pressing. Drying by machine or drying later also saves a lot of time.

The screw press features a beautiful design, sophisticated CNC, and compact, so it is easy to operate, clean, and repair. Therefore, it overcomes all limitations of the old-style fertilizer press and is the most optimal solution for people to consider a long-term investment.

Features of the sludge dewatering machine to process pig and cow manure

  • The screw press is made of 304 stainless steel, so it has extremely high durability, corrosion resistance, and significantly increased service life.
  • Direct operation on the control cabinet, the button system is available, simple operation, and automatic installation.
  • The machine works quietly, does not shake, and a compact area can be installed anywhere on the farm.
  • The excrement after pressing has an extremely low moisture content, saving costs and processing time for drying and drying.
  • Wastewater is treated with the original polymer, reducing the suspended and dissolved solids content.
  • Consume less power.
  • ARK Vietnam produces many versions of screw slurry presses with different numbers of screws, easy to replace and maintain on each axis. Suitable for many farms of different sizes and capacities.

Advantages of screw dewatering machine for handling pig and cow manure

1. Outstanding productivity, above 600 kg of waste/hour

Ordinary pig and cow manure presses have a chamber volume of about 24 liters, on average per hour. The machine's working capacity reaches 500-600 kg of fresh manure to be treated. However, the screw press has a higher capacity. In one day, it is possible to thoroughly handle a huge amount of waste up to several tons. Extremely suitable for medium and large-scale livestock farms.

One-time investment, with no monthly collection, costs like traditional methods. Maximize time, cost, energy, and land use. The problem of environmental pollution has the best solution.

2. The most optimal output finished product moisture

The feces, urine, washing water ... are collected together in one cellar, which will create a heterogeneous mixture, viscous form. Existing in this form for a long time will be extremely difficult to handle with current wastewater and waste treatment methods and technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly separate the water and solids components from each other. In addition, the mixture of manure and wastewater is difficult to use as raw materials for biogas or as direct fertilizer. It even pollutes the soil.

The screw press reduces the moisture in the manure, which helps to minimize the rear processing steps. ARK Vietnam screw presses use a combination of 2 separate motors with a transmission system and drive shaft that continuously sucks and presses waste. Guaranteed to be effective with the strongest compression force, withdrawing the maximum amount of water from the solids.

The machine controls the output of the finished product at a humidity level of 30-40%. Output wastewater is treated with a polymer base and low-suspended solids.

3. Optimize design, and improve efficiency – 2 separate motors and flexible disc system

On the line imported from Korea, the machine is designed with precision CNC-cutting steel, ensuring seamless and accuracy for every detail. Improving the robustness of the entire system. The outside of the machine is covered with 3 layers of paint: primer, an anti-rust layer, and powder coating. Challenging weather, humidity, high temperature, and corrosive substances present in wastewater. Ensures easy cleaning.

The outstanding point in the screw's design press compared to other types of fertilizer presses on the market lies because the machine uses 2 separate motors, and the transmission system is combined with the fixed disk and the movable disc. Flexible. Make the press drier, stable, continuous, not overloaded, cause blockage, reduce wear and damage, and save maintenance costs.

4. Increase porosity for stool

Fertilizer after pressing, besides low moisture, also has uniformity, and high porosity, which is very good for plants to absorb.

5. Simple operation, automatic, easy cleaning

The screw press has a user-friendly button control panel system. The machine can be set up to operate automatically, simply. Closed system. The control panel can be located separately from the machine, thus preventing odors and protecting the operator's health.

We have a team of dedicated technicians to guide and transfer technology. The device specializes in supporting the quick processing of livestock waste into fertilizer with just a few simple buttons.

Compare Swine and Cow Manure Presses and Screw Sludge Presses

In pig and cow farms, the application of advanced and modern technologies to the breeding process and wastewater treatment is urgent. However, the price difference between the conventional fertilizer press and the Screw press is sometimes not low. However, in return, it is the outstanding quality and prestige that more advanced products bring to users. Therefore, finding the right machine and a reputable manufacturer is always the top concern of people.


Commonly used pig and cow manure pressing machine

Modern ARK Vietnam screw press machine

Main ingredient
  • Feed pipe,
  • Press and dewatering chamber,
  • Presser shaft and outlet,
  • Chassis,
  • Wheel,
  • water outlet,
  • Electrical cabinets,
  • Suction hose assembly and pump motor,
  • Engine.
  • Feed pipe,
  • Trục vít,
  • Presser shaft and outlet,
  • Chassis,
  • actuator,
  • actuator,
  • polymer reactor,
  • Suction hose assembly and pump motor,
  • Engine,
  • Dynamic disk system, fixed disk system.
  • Filter system.
Number of screws 1 From 1 to 4 screws
Presser shaft motor power 7,5 kW 12 kW
Suction engine power 4 kW 10 kW
Stirrer motor (reducer motor) 3 kW 5 kW
Spindle rotation speed 50 (rpm) 50 – 100 (rpm)
Suction pump rotation speed 1450 (rpm) 2000 (rpm)
Power source used 380 V 380 V
Crafting materials Stainless steel, steel, corrugated iron Stainless steel 303, 304
Input materials 100% fresh pig and cow manure 100% fresh pig and cow manure,

Paper sludge, mining sludge, food processing, dyes, paints, textiles, ...

Output products Fertilizer moisture is about 40 - 45% and water Humidity about 30-40%
Pressing capacity 300 – 600 (kg/hour) 600 – 800 (kg/hour)

120 ~ 150 kgDS/hour (depending on version)

Machine dimensions (length x width x height) 2100 x 608 x 1205 (mm) 2103 x 510 x 1030 mm (smallest),

4277 x 2060 x 2186 mm (largest)

Weight machine 238 kg 400 kg (smallest),

2200 kg (biggest),

Other function Customize 4 more 360-degree rotating wheels, allowing you to move, steer, and move. Screws work independently, can replace and maintain each axis independently.

The control cabinet system is easy to operate, integrated with many safety and explosion-proof features.

Easy cleaning, semi-automatic.

  • Increase revenue from waste in the livestock production process.
  • Shorten payback period.
  • Solve environmental pollution problems easily.
  • Protect the health of people and create ideal conditions for healthy animals.
  • Ease of wastewater treatment by removing large amounts of suspended solids.
  • Save space and tank space to store waste.
  • High output product quality, easy to recycle and manufacture.
  • Create conditions for farmers to expand their livestock production scale.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic operation, less manpower for support and maintenance

In our country, common types of fertilizer press can be customized and manufactured in the country. The screw press is usually imported. Therefore, the price will fluctuate, as well as the warranty is not guaranteed.

Present in Vietnam for more than a decade, ARK Vietnam is proud to be a manufacturer of screw presses right in Vietnam. We import equipment lines and raw materials from Korea's advanced industry. Simultaneously, research, refine and launch a line of genuine screw slurry presses with outstanding quality, adapted to domestic production conditions.


With a team of dedicated and professional technicians, ARK Vietnam always listens to all your requests for a practical product. We are constantly developing and bringing advancements in waste treatment technology in South Korea to serve the Vietnamese market. Not only meet the quality but also the production quantity and delivery schedule.

So, ladies who need to invest, and order a screw press for livestock, please pick up the phone and contact ARK Vietnam immediately. Surely you will be satisfied with the product and the sales and after-sales policy that we commit to.

With its superior features and significant benefits, the screw press deserves to be one of the professional and essential support tools in livestock farms of all sizes. This smart investment is not only profitable in reducing costs but also an effective solution to protect the environment.

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