ARK Vietnam is proud to be a provider of technical support services and infrastructure for sludge treatment. Ensure prestige and professionalism with a team of solid professional and experienced personnel. Comes with a machine maintenance service. We help businesses solve problems related to sludge treatment. Bring satisfaction with the ability to handle quickly, and promptly, and save costs.

ARK – Technical support service provider for sludge dewatering machine

We provide technical support services, sludge treatment infrastructure. Prestige and professionalism are our criteria. Not only is a reliable partner of many big names such as: Samsung, Canon, Miwon, Duc Viet Foods, ... We also contribute to perfecting the water supply system in the provinces of Bac Giang, Phu Tho, ..

We provide a customer support process with many flexible options. Each solution complies with service quality commitments, meeting international standards. Minimize costs, satisfy customer requirements when selecting us.

In recent years, ARK Vietnam has always received the trust from our partners. As the choice of government projects, wastewater treatment plants, food companies, large enterprises, ... Technical support services are always closely monitored and managed. Prompt rectification helps minimize the risk.

Benefits of using ARK's technical support service

Customers are completely assured when coming to ARK's technical support service. No more worrying about hiring a technician for your unit, or worrying about system failures.

We support 24/7/365 following the customers request in all operation stages of sludge treatment process. Customers will feel more secure in the system designed by ARK, focusing entirely on business activities.

ARK offers a flexible service accommodating all special requests. Minimize unnecessary downtime such as: moving equipment, changing from simple to complex, or changing to a whole new infrastructure.

The sludge dewatering machine and the wastewater system will be synchronized during the process of moving and changing. A team of well-trained experienced professionals will bring you trust, would not let the customers down.

If the customer still have further query, please contact the hotline number: 0977.675.754 for the clarification from ARK experts.

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