ARK Vietnam has been placing importance of R&D (research and development) on the top of the priority since its foundation. The main purpose is to encourage creativity, deepen the application of the latest advanced science and technology in product design, manufacturing, sales to after-sales service. Change and improvement are necessary but must be harmonious, suitable, and appropriate. Those are core principles. ARK can proudly say that we harmonized this requirement, thanks to our policy of continuously investing in knowledge and people. Therefore, ARK not only provides reliable products to customers but also advises them on optimal solutions in the most creative and appropriate way.

The most important is we provide environmental solutions for customers, suggesting they build a synchronous wastewater treatment system. These initiatives have all been researched at ARK Vietnam's laboratory, as well as based on ARK Korea's long experience in wastewater treatment. Our solutions are diverse and highly applicable in manufacturing industries such as chemistry, machinery, electronics, environment, food, industry, computers, and mechatronics. This is reflected in the fact that the ARK-branded sludge dewatering is highly suitable for a variety of working environments. In addition, our success is also contributed by the inheritance of research and projects of top universities in developed countries. During the past decade, we have continued to apply them in Vietnam.

Mission of ARK's R&D Center

From the first days we set foot on S-shaped country, ARK is ready on the path of innovation by establishing "R&D Center“. From 2011, our R&D center has completed hundreds of projects, taking advantage of R&D resources from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea. Our research staff worked all day long, optimized new technology, and more efficient design models, creatively. ARK's R&D Center also organizes enhancement training courses for staff.

We tested machines during working in factories, collected data, analyzed for improvement of machinery and maintenance. After that, the collected data will be used to design new machines if necessary.

Softwares Solidworks, Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit are used for the design and operation processes of the center. Softwares Ansys is used for simulation. Errors and external influences while operating machines are predicted in advance, demonstrated through computer simulation. Thereby calculating remedial measures and making appropriate adjustments in the design phase, immediately.

Future planning

Being aware of the fact that today is the era of Industry 4.0. ARK is still trying to improve ourselves. Our concern is to harmonize the product range, in parallel with infrastructure development, and integrate the most advanced and modern technologies. At the same time, it is still necessary to maintain and promote inherent achievements and successes.

The R&D center can be considered as the backbone of the development of ARK Vietnam. Contribute to planning the future and realization our goals, laying a solid foundation from the beginning.

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