Customers can completely trust an effective quality management system of ARK Vietnam. We use production lines imported directly from Korea, products follow according to CE certification of the European Union, as well as the ISO standard. ARK Vietnam also continuously improves product quality. Processes and services are also updated and refreshed. We prove to our employees and customers that they are valued, always respected.

Our quality management system goals & objectives:

  • Increase current market share, combines with the expansion of production scale and factory scale.
  • We continuously receive feedback to calculate customer satisfaction, before, during, and after purchase. We remain that the expectation of the customer's requirements is always at the maximum level.
  • Complete all of our business processes as well as we are updating innovation to make it simple and more convenient for customers. Ensure legality, protect the interests of customers.
  • Preventing environmental pollution, managing wastewater in the factory, in each production stage.
  • Natural resources using efficiently. Reduce waste and encourage waste recycling, saving electricity and water.
  • Research and improve products to consume fewer resources, energy-efficient, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
  • Minimize the risk of occupational accidents by using risk management software. Ensure the health of employees in the factory and office by building a friendly working environment. Our slogan is “ARK - happy and safe”.
  • Organize regular training for workers - employees for occupational hygiene and safety. Replace, renew, repair machinery to ensure maximum safety. Anticipate possible risks during or after the production of products or services.

ARK Vietnam expects all employees to strive towards the development mission of the whole company. We are committed to fully meeting all resources and best opportunities to complete the above strategies and goals.

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