ARK Vietnam provides services to help you install, support the operation and use of all mud press equipment in the most dedicated way. Our goal is to achieve an effective technology transference to customers.

Machine operation support service can be separated or included in the after-sales package when customers buying ARK's sludge dewatering machines. If you have not found a manufacturer supporting installation of sludge presses for your wastewater treatment system, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

ARK Vietnam - a company provides the reliable operation support service

The sludge dewatering machine is the ending equipment in the wastewater treatment line. ARK Vietnam provides all existing models.

Each model has a different operating mechanism, so it needs its own operating methods. This can be an obstacle for customers.

However, when Clients come to ARK Vietnam, we will make that difficulty disappear. A team of experienced technical experts is guiding you step-by-step through a meticulous and detailed technology handover process, thereby quickly master the device.

In addition, the consulting team is always available 24/7 whenever customers need ARK Vietnam's help.


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ARK Vietnam - Experienced team

  • We have decades of experience in the industry, have deployed & supplied sludge dewatering machines for many large domestic and international projects. Support 600+ businesses to operate the machine.
  • Highly qualified, experienced staff and engineers.
  • Customer care hotline operates 24/7, supporting customers remotely anytime, anywhere.
  • 100% feedback, positive reviews from partners.

Benefits of operational support services

ARK Vietnam's support services bring more benefits to your businesses than you think:

  • Helping customers to install, operate and control all kinds of sludge dewatering machines (which are very diverse in type, size and capacity) easily and quickly. Optimize machine efficiency.
  • Quickly handle requests for maintenance, replacement of spare parts and components. Because we have a factory right in Vietnam.
  • Develop a specific process documentation to address customer issues.
  • Build tools, adjust settings, set up, write automated software for machines. Consulting to improve the wastewater treatment system accordingly.

If you are having trouble choosing a sludge dewatering machine, wondering how to operate it, ARK Vietnam will be a right choice that will certainly not disappoint you.

For any questions or feedback, please contact ARK Vietnam immediately for detailed answers. Our hotline is available 24/7.

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