ARK Vietnam Co., Ltd is a company from the Republic of Korea, specializing in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of sludge dewatering machines and auxiliary equipment for sludge treatment. Setting foot in the S-shaped country since 2011, ARK is proud to be the only company in Vietnam that owns modern technology, self-manufactured high-quality sludge dewatering machines, and satisfies all customers' demands. 


With many years of experience in the industry, We are the only unit in Vietnam that masters core technology, able to self-manufacture all kinds of sludge dewatering machines following Korean standards, satisfying the needs of customers.

Sustainable development" is a term by the International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN first stated in 1980, which emphasized that economic development must go hand in hand with the ecological balance. It is the key to ensuring the survival of mankind in the future. Until now, wastewater treatment has always been a dilemma for local authorities and manufacturing enterprises.

Global Situation

Global climate is changing into a worse direction. Emissions of CO2 is increasing, municipal and industrial waste are polluting water resources and the environment, seriously. ARK Vietnam understands our responsibility, continuously improves technology, invests in R&D to bring the best quality products to customers. These actions contribute to the protection and preservation of water resources on Earth. Efficiency in production and business of customers is improved.

ARK Vietnam expresses the spirit via the company's logo. The Voyage of the Argo sails stretch the wind of hopes and desires. Each of the company's products is inspired by the appearance and personality of a typical animal: Decanter – intelligent Dolphin; Screw press – flexible Snake; Belt press – powerful giant Bear; Filter press - agile Fox. We stand together with Nature.

For clean Aqua,
Perfect, Research for sludge, Pleasant our world.


ARK in the Republic of Korea has been formed and developed for many decades. Reach out to the world with proven innovative technology. From that foundation, we built factories with modern machinery and equipment, applying technology from Miracle on the Han River in Vietnam since 2011. ARK is not only serving the domestic demands but also many foreign partners "Try before you trust”.

Southeast Asia is currently a fast-growing region with a lot of economic potentials. Environmental factors are also increasingly focused. Vietnam is one of the leading members of ASEAN (Association of SEA Nations). Hanoi will be a solid fulcrum and a stepping stone for us to reach out to the world.

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